The WavelinQTM EndoAVF System uses two thin, flexible, magnetic catheters and a burst of RF energy to create an endovascular AV fistula. Vessel mapping is an important step in identifying patients who can successfully receive an endoAVF.

In addition to the standard AVF screening, a WavelinQ™ EndoAVF screening has three additional steps:

  1. Candidates must have a patent perforator in the proximal forearm.
  2. Candidates must have an adequate creation site with the ulnar artery and ulnar vein and/or the radial artery and radial vein greater than 2.0 mm in diameter.
  3. Candidates must have procedural access vessels greater than 2.0 mm in diameter to accommodate the device.

Suggested guidelines for maturation post-creation:

Inflow: Brachial Artery Flow greater than 500ml/min

Outflow: Cephalic or Basilic Vein Diameter greater than 4.0 mm and Depth from skin surface less than 6.0 mm

The video below walks through the vessel mapping process and highlights the necessary anatomy and measurements required for a WavelinQTM EndoAVF.

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