SVM/SVU Release Consensus Statement on Doppler Waveforms – Conference Session Planned

(Vision 2020, Session 11: 9/12 at 1:45 pm) On July 15, 2020 the first consensus-based nomenclature for arterial and venous waveforms was been published online in Vascular Medicine (VMJ) and the Journal for Vascular Ultrasound (JVU). This publication reflects a multispecialty collaboration in partnership with the Society for Vascular Medicine (SVM) and the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU), with Writing Committee members nominated by both organizations. This document addresses a significant area of confusion in vascular testing.

According to Dr. Esther Kim, Chair of the Writing Committee and member of the SVM Board of Trustees: “Over a decade ago, the lack of a standardized nomenclature to describe spectral Doppler waveforms was demonstrated to result in confusion amongst ultrasound professionals. Not surprisingly, this can lead to negative clinical outcomes, and the primary intent of this consensus statement is to improve communication amongst all practitioners who care for vascular patients. The Writing Committee was commissioned by the SVM and SVU, representing a logical collaboration between sonographers and interpreting physicians, both critical providers of vascular care.” Dr. Kim will take part in a session and panel discussion about this project on Saturday, September 12th during the SVU Virtual Conference.

In addition to proposed standardized nomenclature, the comprehensive document is rich with examples of waveforms to illustrate use of the standardized terminology and to help implement the findings in clinical practice.  The document covers arteries and veins in vascular territories throughout the body including the carotid, peripheral arterial, peripheral venous, renal, and mesenteric circulation.

“The hope of the Writing Committee is that this document will help us all to ‘speak the same language,’ and thereby advance the field of vascular ultrasound and improve patient care,” says Dr. Kim.

The document has been endorsed by both SVM and SVU, and both organizations are committed to disseminate its findings.