Clash of The Titans – Debate I

Thursday, September 10th



Categories: Venous

*Clash of The Titans – Debate I — Moderator — Laurence Needleman, MD

Reflux Testing Should Be Performed In The Standing Position Only Unless There is Some Strong Reason Not to — Nicos Labropoulos, PhD MS BS RVT


This is Overkill, Reversed Trendelenburg and/or Legs Dangling is Enough For Most Patients — Brian Sapp, RVT RPhS

Debate Format With Pre And Post Debate Polling; each debate will include 9 minute presentations, a 2 minute rebuttal and an 10 minute discussion with the audience.

*Live elements will be recorded. Recordings will appear 7-10 days after the conference to allow for post-processing of video files.


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Brian Sapp, RVT RPhS

Registered Vascular Solutions, Inc., Newnan, GA

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