Non-traumatic Dorsalis Pedis Artery Aneurysm


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Introduction/Patient Description

True dorsalis pedis artery aneurysm is a very rare finding. We are presenting a case of a patient with a non-traumatic dorsalis pedis artery aneurysm. Color flow Doppler was used in the diagnosis of the aneurysm.


The patient was referred to the vascular lab to evaluate an asymptomatic, non-traumatic pulsatile lump on the dorsal aspect of his left foot. The patient reported that the lump had been present for at “at least four years”. Color flow duplex ultrasound (CDU) was used to evaluate the lump.


Color flow duplex ultrasound demonstrated a dorsalis pedis artery aneurysm measuring 1.05 cm x 1.35 cm. Mural thrombus was noted in the aneurysm. The patient subsequently underwent a lower extremity arteriogram. The arteriogram confirmed the diagnosis of a dorsalis pedis artery aneurysm. Good distal blood supply to the toes was also demonstrated. The patient underwent resection of the dorsalis pedis artery aneurysm. Reversed great saphaneous vein was used as an interposition graft following resection of the aneurysm.


True dorsalis pedis artery aneurysms are a very rare finding. When left untreated, the patient may be at risk for embolization to the digits. (Berard et al.,2011) Color flow Doppler is a useful tool in diagnosing and assessing these aneurysms. References Berard,X., Bodin,R., Saucy,F., Deglise,S., Pailler,A., Midy,D., and Corpataux,J.-M(2011). Current Management of True Aneurysm of the Dorsalis Pedis Artery. Annals of Vascular Surgery, 25(2). doi:10.1016/j.avsg.2010.06.010


Presented by

Janet Wicander, RN, RVT, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT