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Meeting At The Confluence Of Innovation And Learning

Since its inception, the SVU Annual Conference has been a place for vascular technology, sonography, medicine, nursing, and surgery professionals to connect, share best practices, and pioneer solutions to the challenges facing the Vascular community. This year we will bring the SVU Annual conference to you! To ensure the health and safety of our attendees, SVU has transitioned the in-person conference to a compelling and unique virtual experience and is pleased to deliver its first-ever virtual annual meeting & exposition: “SVU Virtual Conference: Vision 2020”

Virtual Conference: Vision 2020 is set to be broadcast online on September 9-12, 2020. The conference expects to bring together more than 700 participants over the course of 4 days. We will hear from thought leaders, innovators, and peers on how we can adapt to these challenging times and continue to provide state of the art diagnostic capabilities and care to patients with vascular disease.

Utilizing a combination of both live and pre-recorded lectures, “real-time” imaging, case-based presentations and debates, this event promises to bring the high-quality education, training, and clinical science our meeting attendees have come to expect. The Virtual Conference will feature faculty from around the country and include late-breaking science, virtual training, and countless opportunities to learn and engage with the brightest minds in our community.

2020 has been a challenging year! However, while we may not be able to convene in New Orleans, we will continue to do what our Society has always done best: come together, learn from one another, and transform the Vascular community along the way. Please plan to join us, our speakers, sponsors, and industry partners as we create a reimagined digital experience. We’re excited to bring the “SVU Virtual Conference: Vision 2020” to you and will announce additional details in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to “meeting” with you soon!

George Berdejo
Conference Chair

Karen Burns
Conference Co-Chair

Jill Sommerset
Conference Co-Chair

A complete vascular ultrasound conference and marketplace, all from the comfort of your own computer

We are now accepting registrations for the SVU Virtual Conference: Vision 2020! We've got four days of educational content planned for you, and you don't even have to leave your home. If you've always wanted to attend an SVU Annual Conference, now is your chance!

Rates start as low as $150 for technologists and $200 for physicians, while students and fellows can register for free!

SVU Conference

2020 Topics Include:

Venous Lower Extremity: Varicose Veins, Optimal Setup, Reflux Evaluation

Carotid Disease: Consensus update, Measurement Error, Clinical spectrum, Vertebral Artery, Cardiac Dysfunction, TCD, Post-TCAR findings, and Case-based Learning

Arterial Lower Extremity Peripheral Occlusive Disease: History and Assessment, ABI Pitfalls, Clinical presentation and decision-making, and Post-Op surveillance

Advocacy Updates, State of the Society, Board election results

Venous Pelvic Disorders: Clinical signs, Case studies Duplex Protocols and Tips for Evaluation

Wounds: Characterization, Arterial Duplex and Physiologic Testing in CLTI, Operative Planning and Novel Interventions

Abdominal: Imaging, AAA Screening, Post-Interventional Imaging to endograft devices, Post EVAR repair, Renal artery and Hepato-Portal imaging

And So Much More!

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September 9-12, 2020


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SVU 2020 Virtual Conference: Vision 2020 will be the most exciting vascular conference of the year, with debates, real-time imaging, and scientific sessions designed to allow the audience to pose questions and interact with presenters, an engaging Marketplace to see exciting new products, and ‘Clash of the Titans’ debates on hot topics!